Aug 2021

Onorkhan Kharshyga

There are a lot of small and large furniture companies today. The market is overflowing with the offers, and it is not easy to stay in furniture business. However, our client, Onorkhan Kharshyga from Yessik city, Almaty region, succeeded. Twenty-three years of running furniture business and eight years of successful cooperation with ACF. “Back in […]

Aug 2021

Mamayeva Nagima and Tattygul Baisalbek kyzy

Mamayeva Nagima and Tattygul Baisalbek kyzy – are the business women from the Vira market in Yessik city. Since 2016, they have been the members of one solidarity group based on mutual help and support. Mamayeva Nagima Utarbayevna provides the clothes fitting services. She has been a loyal ACF client for 12 years now. She […]

Aug 2020

Balgyz Azhurtchieva

Almaty branch, Uzynagash Office Ms. Azhurtchieva is one of the loyal ACF clients. For nine years Balgyz has been working with our company and has become an unofficial relative to the employees of Uzynagash office. Balgyz and her husband are pensioners, but the quiet life is not for them. After retirement, Balgyz and her husband […]

Aug 2019

Khalyam Tokhtakhunovna

Almaty branch, Shelek Office For ACF, success is first of all, the success of our customers. Today we would like to share the story of success of Khalyam Tokhtakhunova, a customer of our Company for the last 6 years. Khalyam came to the ACF office for the first time in 2013. One of ACF’s active […]

Aug 2018

Abdildayeva Zhamal

Abdildayeva Zhamal Almaty Branch, Issyk Department Abdildayeva Zhamal Abdrakhbayevna – is one of the most loyal customers of Asian Credit Fund. She learned about ACF for the first time in 2009 from specialists who came to the market in Baidibek Bi village, Yenbekshikazakhskiy district of Almaty region and told her about ACF and how it […]

Jan 2018

Zhumazhanova Ryazhan

Karauyl village, Eastern region of Kazakhstan Zhumazhanova Ryazhan Kaktaykyzy lives in Karauyl village, Abay district, Eastern region of Kazakhstan. She was a housewife all her life but in 1993 she decided to start her business and to open the store. The spouse supported her undertaking. He was a businessman and had farm household where he […]

Nov 2017

Roza Doshchekeyeva

Yessik city, Yenbekshikazakh district, Almaty region Roza Doshchekeyeva, 62 years old, a pensioner, lives in Yessik city of Yenbekshikazakh district over 15 years. Roza obtained her first microloan in AKF as a part of the group in 2010 to the amount of 80 000 tenge for livestock. Roza was very pleased with the conditions of […]

Sep 2017

Anissa Dayanova

Anissa Dayanova Karasay village, Zhambyl region Anissa Gikramovna Dayanova is very responsive, kind and positive woman. Anissa apa – is a pensioner, her children had grown up long ago and they live in the cities, meanwhile she continues living in her small but cozy house in Karasay village. Anissa Gikramovna does not just sit at […]

Jul 2016

Altynzhan Ayazbaeva

Ayagoz, Semei Branch Ms. Altynzhan Ayazbaeva, 59, lives in Ayagoz town, in the Semei region of eastern Kazakhstan. She is a pensioner who runs a fruit and vegetable stand along the main street of her town. Altynzhan sells seasonal fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes and onions. During the Spring, she also […]

Oct 2015

Kasimova Gulsim Omirtayevna

Kiyevka Office Karaganda Branch One of the successful and grateful clients of Karaganda Branch, forty-four-year-old Gulsim Kasimova has been working with ACF since August 2011. Gulsim lives in Baitugan village together with her spouse and son Aset. Aset goes to the 6th grade of the Specialized Physical and Mathematical School in Karaganda city. In the […]