Roza Doshchekeyeva

Yessik city, Yenbekshikazakh district, Almaty region

Roza Doshchekeyeva, 62 years old, a pensioner, lives in Yessik city of Yenbekshikazakh district over 15 years. Roza obtained her first microloan in AKF as a part of the group in 2010 to the amount of 80 000 tenge for livestock. Roza was very pleased with the conditions of group lending, in particular, with promptness of microloan receipt, therefore, she decided to continue cooperation with ACF. As a result, she received the microloans to the amount exceeding 1 mln tenge for the period of cooperation.

When Roza applied to ACF for the first time, she kept livestock. While obtaining the second microloan, she started growing vegetables in greenhouse in addition to livestock. Roza was using all cash obtained from ACF for different purposes but all they were connected with business: restocking, purchase of fertilizers and seeds for crop farming.

Within the frameworks of ACF non-financial services, Roza participated in “How to start business from scratch” training as an expert. She shared her experience of keeping household and business with other ACF clients and village inhabitants.