Microloan Products

ACF offers a range of microloan products, including both secured and unsecured individual microloans that are available to existing businesses, as well as group microloans also available to start-up businesses. All microloans are offered in Kazakhstani Tenge (KZT) and are designed specifically to meet client needs.

Group Microloans

loan-group-300Unsecured microloans designed for groups mostly of women who are engaged in trade, small production, family farming, crafts and services.

Individual Microloans

loan-individual-300 Microloans for the purpose of working capital, equipment and livestock procurement, and consumer needs.

Individual secured microloans

Individual secured loansMicroloans for the purpose of development and business extension, repair of commercial and residential real estate, support of agriculture and satisfaction of the consumer’s needs.

Residential Energy Efficiency Lending Microloans

loan-energy-300Residential Energy Efficiency Lending Microloans are designed to provide homeowners in rural areas with the funds necessary for energy-efficient renovation and construction work. Residential Energy Efficiency Lending Microloans can be used for the following purposes: