Nagima Duysekbay

Turkestan city, South Kazakhstan Oblast

“Partnership with ACF is not just financial assistance, but also a feeling that I have a partner that believes in my ideas and is ready to support me in their realization.”

More than six years ago, a profound shift occurred in my life—a journey into the realm of sewing art commenced. It all began amidst the preparations for my daughters’ weddings, where I felt a deep-seated urge to imbue my love and care into the traditional Kazakh dowry known as “Kyz zhasaulary,” crafted by my own hands. What initially felt like a simple adherence to Kazakh customs gradually evolved into a profound vocation—a calling to weave beauty from fabric and thread, infusing each creation with soulful essence.

As the years unfolded, my sewing venture flourished, eventually blossoming into a bustling enterprise that now employs six talented individuals. My creations garnered admiration, attracting over two hundred loyal customers from across Kazakhstan. Our product range expanded to include “Kurak korpe”—a poignant symbol of Kazakh heritage—a quilted blanket where families gather, sharing tea and conversation against its comforting embrace.

In March 2023, I took a significant leap forward by applying for a microloan from ACF—a pivotal moment in my entrepreneurial journey. For me, partnering with ACF signifies more than just financial backing; it embodies the assurance that a company that believes in my vision and stands ready to champion its realization exists. Within a mere year of collaboration with ACF, my equity surged by 2.5 times—a testament to the transformative power of strategic support.

Driven by a desire to diversify, I ventured into the realm of education. In August 2023, I inaugurated a sewing school in Shymkent. In this educational sanctuary, young minds aged 5 to 17 can cultivate their creative aptitude, honing an appreciation for intricacies and crafting wonders with their own hands. Presently, 150 budding talents grace our halls, each a source of immense pride.

Yet, my dreams still need to be fulfilled. I envision offering dombra lessons, mathematics tutorials, and English classes, equipping children not only as adept artisans but also as globally conscious citizens. Atop my aspirations stands the vision of a grand emporium in Turkestan showcasing a plethora of my creations, where every patron finds a piece that resonates with their soul. With ACF’s constant support, I am confident my aspirations will burgeon into tangible realities.