Onorkhan Kharshyga

There are a lot of small and large furniture companies today. The market is overflowing with the offers, and it is not easy to stay in furniture business. However, our client, Onorkhan Kharshyga from Yessik city, Almaty region, succeeded. Twenty-three years of running furniture business and eight years of successful cooperation with ACF.

“Back in 2013, our family produced two types of furniture: kitchen tables and beds. We accepted the orders at home and made and sold furniture there. There were ambitions to expand the range, but there were difficulties with production, a lack of the required equipment and, as a result, few orders. When I heard from my neighbours that it was possible to get a business development loan, I contacted ACF and, after professional advice, I got my first loan for purchase of different furniture-making equipment. I decided to get my loan in a group because it was important for me to feel supported and to be sure that if I had problems to pay back, I could count upon the members of my group to help me,” Onorkhan Kharshyga says.

Onorkhan’s partnership with ACF has been ongoing for seven years already. During this time, she has received 11 microcredits for business development and expansion and its own business capital has grown by 317%. She has not only bought new equipment and two sales outlets at the market, but has also significantly expanded her product range. Residents of Yessik city and nearby villages can order kitchen and bedroom sets, living rooms, upholstered furniture, hall furniture sets and any other type of furniture. Onorkhan’s furniture business is growing and each year the range of loyal customers is getting larger and larger.

“Thanks to my hard work and the support of ACF, my business is flourishing and my family fells confidence about the future,” Onorkhan says.