Social Responsibility

Strategic Philanthropy

Committed to making a positive contribution to the everyday lives of vulnerable populations, between 2002—2006, ACF implemented a comprehensive Strategic Philanthropy Program, targeted towards young, undereducated, unemployed men in Kazakhstan.

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With an investment of just over USD 10,000, ACF:

      • Supported numerous school sports games, directly benefitting 400 individuals from five communities
      • Provided college education scholarships to eight young adults from poor, rural backgrounds
      • Supported leadership and business skills training sessions for 115 young adults from rural areas
      • Gathered together 164 pupils in Semei and Fabrichy, Almaty region, for eco-focused activities
      • Distributed approximately 100 copies of the book, At the Beginning of the Journey to Adulthood, aimed at instilling in young adults solid life principles and skills
      • Engaged five companies in the building of a large community sports ground in Yugur village

In 2014 ACF resumed social contribution targeted on vulnerable population.