Nov 2017

Roza Doshchekeyeva

Yessik city, Yenbekshikazakh district, Almaty region Roza Doshchekeyeva, 62 years old, a pensioner, lives in Yessik city of Yenbekshikazakh district over 15 years. Roza obtained her first loan in AKF as a part of the group in 2010 to the amount of 80 000 tenge for livestock. Roza was very pleased with the conditions of […]

Sep 2017

Anissa Dayanova

Anissa Dayanova Karasay village, Zhambyl region Anissa Gikramovna Dayanova is very responsive, kind and positive woman. Anissa apa – is a pensioner, her children had grown up long ago and they live in the cities, meanwhile she continues living in her small but cozy house in Karasay village. Anissa Gikramovna does not just sit at […]

Jul 2016

Altynzhan Ayazbaeva

Ayagoz, Semei Branch Ms. Altynzhan Ayazbaeva, 59, lives in Ayagoz town, in the Semei region of eastern Kazakhstan. She is a pensioner who runs a fruit and vegetable stand along the main street of her town. Altynzhan sells seasonal fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes and onions. During the Spring, she also […]

Oct 2015

Kasimova Gulsim Omirtayevna

Kiyevka Office Karaganda Branch One of the successful and grateful clients of Karaganda Branch, forty-four-year-old Gulsim Kasimova has been working with ACF since August 2011. Gulsim lives in Baitugan village together with her spouse and son Aset. Aset goes to the 6th grade of the Specialized Physical and Mathematical School in Karaganda city. In the […]

Oct 2015

Marzhan Amirkhanova

Group loan product October 2013 Thirty-two-year-old, Marzhan Amirkhanova, was one of the first clients of the Urdzhar sub-office, Semey branch. Marzhan has now been using ACF’s products and services for over 4 years. Marzhan lives in Urdzhar, a remote village in East Kazakhstan, with her husband and fourteen year old son. Her husband works in […]

Aug 2013

Individual Loan

Individual Loan Uzunagach, 2008 Stanislav Karavev is a 45 year old entrepreneur-photographer from Uzun–Agash village, located at approximately 45 km from Almaty and with a population of approximately 20,000 people. There are three schools, one hospital and, three banks to serve the population as well as three microcredit companies, including Asian Credit Fund. Karavaev’s workshop […]

Aug 2013

Group Loan Product

Esik, 2008 In July 2008 five women from open market Vira submitted group loan request to ACF sub-office in Esik town. This group became the first clients of Esik sub-office. After Loan Officer Mahset analyzed their repayment capacities and they firmed group solidarity principle, the group received first loan in the amount of USD 500 […]

Aug 2013

Halitov and Meiramkan

Family Agriculture Umbetaly, 2009 For many years, Halitov and his family have been engaged in raising livestock. Thanks to an ACF loan, the small family farm, consisting of two cows, two calves, seven goats and ten hens, expanded in July 2009 with the addition of a horse, Kynduz.

Aug 2013

Mairam, Zeinep, Azhargul and Dzhanigul

Group Loan Crafts Zhambul, 2010 A group of craftswomen, Mairam, Zeinep, Azhargul and Dzhanigul, first heard of ACF through friends experienced in borrowing with the organization. After some initial research into interest rates and monthly payments, the group visited the ACF Zhambul office in June 2009. Upon agreeing favorable terms and conditions with an ACF […]

Aug 2013

Beibitkul Tohtametova

Market Trading Esik, 2011 Beibitkul Tohtametova, a young widow and mother of three, became an ACF group lending client in 2008. During the difficult times following the loss of her husband and her third pregnancy, Beibitkul was also responsible for managing the debt incurred by her late husband from a start-up business market trading loan. […]