Beibitkul Tohtametova

Market Trading
Esik, 2011

Beibitkul Tohtametova, a young widow and mother of three, became an ACF group lending client in 2008. During the difficult times following the loss of her husband and her third pregnancy, Beibitkul was also responsible for managing the debt incurred by her late husband from a start-up business market trading loan. Thankfully, Beibitkul was able to pay the debt, however, she vividly remembers the fear of losing her home, which was attached to the debt, and the sense of isolation that she felt at the time.

Beibitkul had been using all business earnings for bank payments and general living expenditure. She also used all of her savings and the sale of half of her business stock to purchase a used car to meet the family’s needs. At this time, Beibitkul’s small trading business, with total assets of approximately USD 3,500, began to decline in profitability as a result of this increasingly insufficient stock level. In order to rejuvenate the business, Beibitkul decided to take out a group loan with ACF, alongside her business colleagues and friends.

“The group was reliable as I knew all of the members very well”, recalls Beibitkul. “We enjoyed several subsequent loan cycles and found them to be useful for building up the business step-by-step.” Beibitkul was very pleased with the easier loan terms attached to ACF group lending, with zero collateral required, as well as the collective, group dynamic providing security and peace of mind. As a result of a substantial increase in stock levels, Beibitkul has recently been able to open a second outlet for her business, expanding her enterprise while also bringing stability and confidence for the future.