Asian Credit Fund participated in in 20 MFC Annual Conference in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Executive Director of Microfinance organization Asian Credit Fund LLP Zhanna Zhakupova and Finance Manager Yevgeniya Nedelko participated in 20 MFC Annual Conference entitled: “Horizon 2037: fair financing for everyone” which was held on 24 – 26 June in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The Conference coincided with the 20th anniversary of microfinancing in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The theme of the Conference “Horizon 2037: fair financing for everyone” gave the opportunity to all participants of the Conference to imagine what the market of microfinance services will be in the next twentieth years.  Such questions as transformation of the financial systems by means of technologies, probable consequences of digital revolution, implementation and maximum use of the technologies in the activity of microfinance organizations were discussed at the Conference. Speakers, famous theorists, experts and special guests who were creating the sector in the 90’s tried to give recommendations and ideas how to play the active role in formation of new future microfinance and how to lay a foundation for key events which will result in achievement of full financial engagement by 2037.