ACF celebrated 18th anniversary by expressing recognition to its loyal clients

January 26, 2016
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Microfinance organization Asian Credit Fund

9 Шелек

village Shelek

LLC (ACF), one of the leading MFIs in Kazakhstan celebrated 18th anniversary in November 2015. So important event ACF decided to share with its loyal clients. Special events took place in five regional offices of Almaty Branch, namely Uzunagash, Shelek, Zharkent, Esik and Korday villages. During November and December, 2015, 655 loyal clients who were with ACF more than 1,5 year participated in competition from ACF under the name “Valuable prizes for our best clients”. As result of the event five clients were rewarded with laptops and 81 clients received home appliances such as hair dryers, irons, vacuum cleaners, blenders and etc.
ACF tried to do the day of solemnity memorable for ACF employees and clients. The Company organized the draw of prizes and buffet receptions. Clients took active participation in the celebration. They recited poetry, danced and said a lot of worm wishes to ACF employees.

“I’ve been a client of ACF since 2012, – said Koibagarova Aisulu from Zharkent office – Thanks to ACF I easily has passed through many difficulties in my life. All money that I received from ACF I used for improvement of the welfare of my family. I’d like to thank you people who established this Company and employees who have been working hard to support us, rural population”. Another client of Zharkent office Ivtai Raushan expressed her appreciation to the ACF for rewarding her “I’m the only one person who supports my family. I’m so glad that I started working with ACF in 2013. Thank you ACF that you support us – women and we are ready to grow with ACF together”.

Most appreciation at the day of celebration received clients who have been with ACF more than 10 years. 43 clients got recognition for being loyal clients with letters of thanks signed by the Executive Director. “We celebrate our 18 anniversary and we are glad to share the achieved success on the microfinance market with our clients. We would like to express gratitude to all ACF clients. Success of ACF is success of our clients” – said Zhakupova Zhanna, Executive Director of ACF.