ACF non-financial services help rural women of Kazakhstan to strengthen business skills

October 24, 2015

Almaty, Kazakhstan

In October, 2015 82 heads of households (69 of them were women) from 36 South Kazakhstan villages became beneficiaries of non-financial services of microfinance organization Asian Credit Fund LLC (ACF) by graduating from one-day training “How to start your business”. The training is integral part of ACF’s non-financial initiative, so called Client Business Academia. Since the beginning of 2015 ACF conducted nine trainings in total to176 people in rural areas of Kazakhstan.

As of today ACF’s Client Business Academia has five different business trainings to offer to rural communities where the Company conducts its main activity – microlending. The theme of October events was animal husbandry. Husbandry is considered as one of the main sources of savings and income of the country rural households. Despite the fact that husbandry has long historical roots for Kazakh people, new generation coming after country’s 20- year independence, lacks information on animals care including feeding, disease, breading etc. Trainings conducted by ACF specialists helped people not only to receive necessary information but also gave them a chance to discuss their urgent needs with local successful practitioners invited by ACF for the purpose. So, in Aksukent village, South Kazakhstan oblast, ACF brought local veterinarian Mr Halmetov lecture on animal’s diseases and preventive measures. Another ACF training participant, successful local entrepreneur Mr. Saidanov A. was happy to share his rich experience in running small and productive farm. In Saryagash village local successful experience was represented by female expert Ms. Kuliyeva who talked about her secrets. All training participants highly regarded ACF ‘s non-financial services for the better life and asked to continue so important work.