Increase of financial literacy of rural population jointly with the AFDFM will help in fight against pyramids

In July 2022 MFO Asian Credit Fund LLP (ACF) together with the Agency for Regulation and Development of theFinancial Market of the Republic of Kazakhstan (AFDFM) project has launched a series of the financial literacy trainings for the ACF clients.

The first six trainings took place in T. Ryskulov and Turkestan offices of the Shymkent branch, in Shardara and Zhetyssay offices of the Saryagash branch, in Sarykemer and Kulan offices of the Taraz branch. The trainings were conducted in Kazakh language which ensured greater understanding of the material. Invited speakers Kalnazarov Abilgazy Mamyshovich, Head of the Department of regional representative offices of the AFDFM in Shymkent, Tulepbergenov Dauren Abdanovich, Head of the Department of regional representatives in Taraz, and Sapakhova Madina Maratovna, specialist of the Department of regional representatives of the AFDFM told about common methods of fraud and types of the financial pyramids, gave recommendations on how to recognize them and protect yourself and your family. The specialists of the ACF Training Department made presentations on “The basics of financial literacy: how to learn to manage your budget and make savings”.

A total of 274 ACF borrowers attended the training and received the necessary handouts for further use. After the event, the ACF clients were able to share their impressions of the training and receive individual advice on lending.

Asian Credit Fund would like to sincerely thank the staff of for their participation in the Project. ACF expresses its gratitude to the Head of Financial Literacy Department Yntykbaeva Saule Kydyrkhanovna for the support and promotion of the joint project, and looks forward to further cooperation with ACF in conducting the trainings in other branches of the Company. ACF plans to conduct similar trainings for the clients of the northern branches and ACF employees in September 2022.