MFO Asian Credit Fund LLC, Kazakhstan joins the CERISE and SPTF commitment for client protection!

Clients had been always a key priority for MFO Asian Credit Fund LLC (ACF). This is evidenced by 25 years of ACF experience in microfinance, SMART certification and numerous examples of successful cooperation based on trust and desire to provide its customers with the best opportunities for growth and development.

In March 2022 ACF had reaffirmed its principled position aimed at serving customers at the highest level by signing to the CERISE and SPTF team’s commitment for client protection. ACF stays among 78 financial organizations worldwide and the one in Kazakhstan that is listed on the CP Pathway webpage as financial service provider committed to client protection principles.

The client protection principles include: appropriate product design and delivery, prevention of over-indebtedness, transparency, responsible pricing, fair and respectful treatment of clients, privacy, security, and integrity of client data, and mechanisms for complaint resolution.

“Asian Credit Fund currently serves more than 35 000 clients through 51 offices in rural areas of Kazakhstan. ACF has been always keen on providing client-oriented services and encouraging all necessary practices promoting this approach. ACF success was confirmed by receiving SMART certification in 2017 confirmed in 2019 for the next two years. Joining The CERISE and SPTF team’s initiative was the logical step to show continued adherence of ACF to clients’ rights protection along the way the Company takes towards being the best client-oriented MFO in Kazakhstan ” said Zhanna Zhakupova, Executive Director of ACF.