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Microcredit Organization Asian Credit Fund LLC (ACF) was established in 1997, as a micro and small business lending program set up by international relief and development organization, Mercy Corps. To the present day, ACF continues to benefit from the support of Mercy Corps, being governed by a General Assembly and Supervisory Board that are both currently chaired by a Mercy Corps Representative.

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Social Responsibility

Strategic Philanthropy

Strategic Philanthropy
Committed to making a positive contribution to the everyday lives of vulnerable populations, between 2002—2006, ACF implemented a comprehensive Strategic Philanthropy Program, targeted towards young, undereducated, unemployed men in Kazakhstan.

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Borrow Wisely from MFC

Borrow Wisely
How much can I afford to borrow? Do I know how much I will pay? Do I full understand the contract? What should I do if i am not satisfied?…

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Client Protection

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Latest Updates

HQ of Asian Credit Fund joined ECO Network waste sorting system in December 2019

HQ of Asian Credit Fund joined ECO Network waste sorting system in December 2019. ECO Network – is the association of the companies implementing the principles of waste sorting for further recycling thereof (waste paper, plastics, glass, aluminum, batteries) in their office space in a consistent manner. According to the report, 15,200 employees from 77 […]

Asian Credit Fund is pleased to announce a new member of the Supervisory Board

Asian Credit Fund is pleased to announce a new member of the Supervisory Board – Marco de Natale. Marco de Natale is currently Manager for Strategic Finance at LFS Advisory, in Berlin. He has close to 20 years of work experience in investment banking and Impact finance in different geographies. He worked as the CEO […]

Asian Credit Fund has reaffirmed its Smart Campaign Certification

15 October, 2019 MicroFinanza Rating, a private and independent international rating agency, conducted two-year Certification Check-in and confirmed ACF long-standing dedication to the Smart Campaign Client Protection Principles. ACF stays among 115 financial organizations worldwide and one of the two MFIs in Kazakhstan that have successfully implemented Client Protection standards of total 7 principles and […]

BOPA acquires majority stake in Asian Credit Fund (ACF), Kazakhstan from Mercy Corps US

BOPA has on 16 October 2019 concluded the purchase of Mercy Corps 50.53% shareholding in Asian Credit Fund (ACF), Kazakhstan. BOPA has been a shareholder in ACF since 2014 and will after the transaction hold 98.1 % of ACF shares. “We are very excited about this development and look forward to continue building on the […]

Asian Credit Fund has participated in the Global SME Finance Forum 2019

Executive Director of Microfinance organization Asian Credit Fund LLC Zhanna Zhakupova participated in the Global SME Finance Forum 2019 “ The Convergence of the Real and Financial Sectors in SME Finance” which was held on 07 – 10 October, 2019 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This year’s forum attracted speakers and leaders from the FinTech and […]

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