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Microcredit Organization Asian Credit Fund LLC (ACF) was established in 1997, as a micro and small business lending program set up by international relief and development organization, Mercy Corps. To the present day, ACF continues to benefit from the support of Mercy Corps, being governed by a General Assembly and Supervisory Board that are both currently chaired by a Mercy Corps Representative.

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Social Responsibility

Strategic Philanthropy

Strategic Philanthropy
Committed to making a positive contribution to the everyday lives of vulnerable populations, between 2002—2006, ACF implemented a comprehensive Strategic Philanthropy Program, targeted towards young, undereducated, unemployed men in Kazakhstan.

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Borrow Wisely from MFC

Borrow Wisely
How much can I afford to borrow? Do I know how much I will pay? Do I full understand the contract? What should I do if i am not satisfied?…

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Client Protection

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Latest Updates

Asian Credit Fund has taken part in the Microfinance Institutions Forum in Almaty city, Kazakhstan

26 April 2019. One of the main events in microlending – Kazakhstan Microfinance Institutions Forum “New Horizons” – was held in Almaty city. This Forum coincided with the 15th anniversary of AMFOK (Kazakhstan Microfinance Institutions Association). All participants of the Forum obtained the comprehensive information about further regulation of the sector, existing problems and new […]

Asian Credit Fund has received recognition of AMFOK for “Contribution to Development of Microfinance Sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan” and “Adherence to the Principles of Customers Social Protection”

26 April 2019. The General Meeting of the members of Kazakhstan Microfinance Institutions Association (AMFOK) was held in Almaty city. The results of the Association activity for 15 years of existence were summarized there. The Board of the Directors of the Association was elected and the goals and tasks of the Association for the forthcoming […]

Microfinance Organization Asian Credit Fund LLC is pleased to present 2018 Social Performance Report.

Microfinance Organization Asian Credit Fund LLC is pleased to present 2018 Social Performance Report. 2018 Social Performance Report demonstrates ACF commitment to its social mission and measuring progress in reaching its social goals. Social performance report is available on homepage of ACF web site.

Empowerment of women changes the world

According to the last GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) Women’s Entrepreneurship 2016/2017 Report “in 2016, an estimated 163 million women were starting or running new businesses in 74 economies around the world. In addition, an estimated 111 million were running established businesses. This not only shows the impact of women entrepreneurs across the globe, but highlights […]

Abdildayeva Zhamal

Abdildayeva Zhamal Almaty Branch, Issyk Department Abdildayeva Zhamal Abdrakhbayevna – is one of the most loyal customers of Asian Credit Fund. She learned about ACF for the first time in 2009 from specialists who came to the market in Baidibek Bi village, Yenbekshikazakhskiy district of Almaty region and told her about ACF and how it […]

Annual Report 2017