Successfulness of Asian Credit Fund is confirmed by the National Business Rating

Microfinance Organization Asian Credit Fund (hereinafter referred to as ACF) has obtained the independent 2020 Industry Leader business award after winning the first place among the enterprises on the “Contribution to the state budget” indicator. The basis of awarding was the result of Kazakhstan economic entities rating. The leader’s status reflects efficiency of the enterprise work, contribution to development of entrepreneurship and economy, increase of the level of welfare of our country citizens.

ACF has already received such award in the previous years. “The next 2020 Industry Leader award for the entire our team is a confirmation of successfulness and stability of the Company: we promote increase of inclusion in the field of financial services providing the micro loans to support the activity of the agricultural households bringing income to their families and make continued contribution to the budget of our country”, Zhanna Zhakupova, ACF Executive Director, underlined.

National Business Rating in Kazakhstan has been conducting the researches of the domestic companies’ activity for 7 years. The companies’ rating is based on the data of the financial statements; therefore, its results are objective and show real leaders in each industry.