Halitov and Meiramkan

Family Agriculture
Umbetaly, 2009

For many years, Halitov and his family have been engaged in raising livestock. Thanks to an ACF loan, the small family farm, consisting of two cows, two calves, seven goats and ten hens, expanded in July 2009 with the addition of a horse, Kynduz.

The horse was purchased by Halitov’s wife, Meiramkan, who was concerned that her husband was overworked, single-handedly managing the mountain-side farm while also fulfilling his other duties in the community. Therefore, Meiramkan formed a group of four of her female friends so as to qualify for an ACF group loan. The four women, all engaged in raising livestock, were happy to learn that individuals such as themselves could have such easy access to financial services at the permanent ACF office located in their village. Having used her first loan to purchase the horse, Meiramkan and the rest of the group now have plans to further expand their farms, capitalizing on their favorable relationship with ACF.