Building financial literacy: the key to a successful future for the younger generation

In 2024, the Asian Credit Fund continued its financial literacy project for school and college students.
Thus, in February 2024, the first financial literacy lesson of the year was held for Baizak College, Zhambyl region students.

We believe that conducting financial literacy lessons for school and college students plays a critical role in their future financial well-being and successful adaptation to the modern economy. Financial literacy lessons help children learn basic personal financial management skills such as budgeting, debt management, investment planning, and setting financial goals. These skills are the foundation for financial independence and effective resource management. Today’s world requires people to make many financial decisions, from choosing loans to planning for retirement. Financial literacy classes give students the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions and avoid financial mistakes. Lack of financial knowledge can lead to credit misuse and debt accumulation. Financial literacy lessons help students understand the principles of credit, understand the consequences of debt, and learn how to manage their finances without the risk of falling into a debt trap. Knowledge of financial principles is essential for a successful career in today’s world.

Students who master financial literacy in college have a competitive advantage in the job market and can successfully manage their finances while creating their own businesses or startups. Financial literacy lessons help students in their current study period and influence their financial behavior throughout their lives. It is an investment in the future that can pay significant dividends in the form of financial stability and well-being. Thus, by providing financial literacy lessons for the younger generation, ACF gives them tools to navigate the way to financial independence, a successful career, and a secure future. This is an essential step to creating an educated and financially aware society.