World Bank highly appreciates Asian Credit Fund’s contribution to “Enabling the Business of Agriculture in 2017” report

Enabling the Business of Agriculture (EBA) team thanked ACF for providing information about adriculture environment in Kazakshtan to “Enabling the Business of Agriculture 2017 Report”.

Asian Credit Fund (ACF) was chosen among other 46 microfinance organizations, members of Assocaition of Microfinance Organizations of Kazakhstan by EBA team as an exert holding expertise in agriculture. Mostly since the launch of the Company in 1997 ACF has been providing loans to rural population. As of today, 96% of ACF clients are from rural areas. ACF is opearing in more than 1100 villages and small cities of six regions of Kazakhstan. Thus, gained knowledge let ACF to be a valuble contributor to the report. EBD team presented certificate of gratitude to Head of Credit Administration of ACF Djalol Murzakhmetov for his involvement in providing vital quality information.

Enabling the Business of Agriculture monitors regulations that impact how markets function in the agriculture and agribusiness sectors. The main goal is to promote smart regulations that ensure safety and quality control as well as efficient regulatory processes that support agribusinesses.

2017 EBA report, the third in an annual series, presents data that measure legal barriers for businesses operating in agriculture in 62 contries and across 12 topic areas such as land, seed, fertilizer, machinery, water, livestock, finance, markets, transport, and information and communication technology (ICT), etc. The data can be used by governments, investors, analysts, researchers and others interested in the regulatory environment for agribusiness, to assess countries’ performance on the topics measured, understand where the contry stand, compare contries’ performance with neighboring counrties and identify areas for improvement that are critical to building prospering agribusiness sector.

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