The green economy becomes the main strategic path of Microfinance Organization Asian Credit Fund in 2017

“Green economy” and “green loans” were the main subjects discussed at the annual key staff meeting of Microfinance Organization Asian Credit Fund, LLC (further – ACF) which took place on February 24-25, 2017 in Almaty. During the meeting 30 employees from all 5 branches of the Company presented achievements of 2016 and set the goals for 2017.

2017 is important date for Asian Credit Fund. It is the year of the 20th anniversary of the Company!
It is widely known that this year Kazakhstan holds the largest event “2017 EXPO “. The EXPO subject is “Energy of the future” which will disclose the best world energy saving technologies, new developments and technologies of existing alternative sources usage. ACF’s strategy is also outline 2017 as a year of green loan products and services. In this regard, ACF has decided to spend the whole year under the theme of “green economy”.

What does it mean for our Company? It means that this year we’ll be paying more attention to green microloans (with energy saving elements), providing green actions and philanthropic projects, educating our clients on energy-efficiency and effective resource usage. In 2012 ACF developed and implemented Housing Energy Efficiency Loan Product. As of 31 December 2016 Company disbursed 789 loan in total amount of 338 mln. tenge.

In 2016 ACF has already started preparation to «green economy» year by installing in Saryagash village office 20 solar panels which provide the whole office with electricity. We hope that other companies operating in Kazakhstan will follow ACF’s example in that respect!

Annually ACF pays attention to branches and offices of the Company which have achieved outstanding results. Thus, Taraz branch became the winner in the nomination “The Best Branch” for the second year, office in Merke village was announced as the best ACF sub-office of 2016. AСF highly appreciates contribution of ACF employees to the achievements of the Company!