Asian Credit Fund creates “Internal Academia” training department to develop professional competence of employees.


30 October, 2013 LLС ” MCO Asian Credit Fund creates “Internal Academia” training department to develop the professional competence of its employees.

 Internal Academia is a program that provides ACF employees training under the company’s umbrella to better meet ACF work standards and to improve their professional skills. The program is built on modern technologies and training practices.

Jamilya Shukusheva has been appointed to head the Internal Academia department. Having started out as an ACF Loan Officer and worked her way up to Branch Manager, Jamilya has  extensive experience with ACF work standards. Before accepting the position, Jamilya went through intensive training to prepare her for the role. ACF recently acquired specialized and comprehensive business training materials that outline all aspects of a Loan Officer’s duties, including business ethics and work efficiency.          

 “We expect that after finishing the courses that even inexperienced and new employees will be more effective in their roles and that they will be able to show improved results immediately! In the past three weeks, from the program’s launch, nine Loan Officers from four ACF branches were trained. I expect that next year there will be as many as 100 Internal Academia graduates. And I am sure that establishing the program will greatly contribute to the positive image of the company among clients and employees,” said Jamilya.